Friday, January 31, 2014

19 Weeks and Counting

Nope, I’m not carrying twins, but I am carrying a girl!

I mentioned to my OB about how my preggo belly “just pops out” and makes me look like I’m nearing the end of the 3rd trimester.  He smiled and said, “When you are laying down, your measurements are right where they need to be.”  Not sure if that made me feel better since most people look better laying down, but this did: “I’m not sure what a woman’s abdomen should look like during her 3rd pregnancy, after carrying two, ten pound babies.  Those abdominal muscles really have to give a lot to accommodate a baby that size!  Doing that twice… whoa!”

Yep.  Whoa is right!

“Whoa” is looking 3 months pregnant even when you’re not any weeks or months pregnant.  “Whoa” is having a wine tour host question why you are drinking because… you know… you look 3 months pregnant, at 10 months postpartum

You get the point.  And I say all that to get your mind in the right place when I show you a photo of myself, 19 weeks pregnant.  No, it isn’t a typo, I’m 19 weeks pregnant, not 39 weeks pregnant.

19 Weeks Preggo - Baby Girl 2

Remember, those abdominal muscles are right on track when I’m laying down.

Get this!  I’ve only gained about 5 pounds this pregnancy!!  Go me!

But, get this also, I failed parts of my glucose test and while I’m not officially a gestational diabetic, my sugar levels are sometimes wonky, so this is part of my life:

GD Supplies

Truly, this learning experience is motivating me to keep the weight gain down and change my lifestyle so diabetes doesn’t become a part of my non-pregnant life, as well.  It is rough though – I struggle to find food to eat.  I’m not allowed any fruit, milk, or cereal for breakfast… what do you eat for breakfast then?  Eggs.  Really, I just need to focus on low carb and that seems to keep my blood sugars down.  I’m sure if I were more consistent with exercise, that would help too.

So, this is life right now - trying to figure out what to eat, stay healthy, keep up with my 3 children, my statistics course, kids’ homeschool lessons, a curious toddler… life is busy, and I’m learning to keep my blessings in the forefront. 


  1. WHAT!?!?!? I had no idea!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How exciting a girl!!! You look awesome