Tuesday, May 6, 2014

30 Weeks

I’m failing miserably at keeping up this blog.  I think I have good reason though - I’ve been more focused on my responsibilities as a wife and mother and therefore, I have no regrets about my lack of posting to this blog, buuuuut… I need to make time because my whole goal with this blog was to document my family’s story, especially Alex’s and he has some big stuff coming up!

On April 19th, I hit the 30th week of pregnancy.

30 weeks

I’ve also reached a point where diet is no longer keeping the gestational diabetes at bay.  I’ve had to begin taking insulin before bed.  Thankfully, the insulin shots are less painful than poking my finger to test my glucose levels.  But still… who wants to give themselves a shot every night?  The great things about my gestational diabetes diet is that as of my last appointment, 1 week ago, I’ve only gained 10 lbs. this entire pregnancy!  Typically I’d have surpassed the 30 lb. gain by this point. Eek.

This Saturday, May 10th, I’ll be 33 weeks! Yay!

I’m in major nesting mode and my energy levels are not keeping up with my to-do lists.  We are preparing to have the girls’ room painted and I felt this overwhelming need to organize all the girl clothes I have in my home – stored and being used.  Pregnancy brings on a love for organization!

We are also doing some other home remodeling.  We bought our house as a foreclosure and knew that we’d have big projects to tackle over the years.  The first is the kids’ bedroom that need painted and the carpet replaced.  As soon as the girls’ room is complete, the boys’ room will be painted and carpet replaced, as well.

The next project will be the master suite.  The master bath is not a completely functioning bathroom.  The jetted tub is a germ trap and the shower is small and improperly installed.  We have a company lined up to gut and remodel, we just need to get them out here to begin.  After the bathroom is finished, our bedroom will be painted with some wainscoting and new carpet installed.  I can’t wait!

All the while, as the bedrooms receive their needed makeovers, Reed has been ripping out a waterfall that is in our front patio, off our front porch.  It was a terrible eye sore and broke.  We will be replacing it with some sort of complimentary stone wall or brick. 

I’ll post pictures of before and after.  

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